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For The Love of Dog.

Two "Dog People" Becoming One Family

Jonathan (known to clients and colleagues as Dr. Fradkin) and I met 14 years ago. I was 40. After focusing my life completely on my dog, working full time and building(and later selling) a dog daycare/boarding facility in Silicon Valley, I finally made time for love.  I I saw a picture of Jonathan with his white veterinarian coat and I knew I had to meet him. Jonathan came to our first coffee date with his beautiful, gentle Labrador, Chestnut in tow, and the rest is history.

*NOTE: We were so busy playing with our dogs that we never took a photo with all 4 of us. They are below.

Mission and Values

Pup Culture Designs is not about selling products..its about creating memories, fostering Dog Mom Pride, and supporting animal welfare. Every product created by me; every order managed by me. I worked with multiple artists to find the right ones to create our beautiful portraits, and continually review product to ensure it's not only of high quality, but also unique. In a sea of dog-related products, we want to stand out. What sets Pup Culture Designs apart is an unwavering commitment to individuality and personalization. My greatest passion is being a dog mom. Pup Culture Designs is on a mission to honor dog moms like myself... and the dogs that love them.

Honoring One Pet and Saving Another

Maximillian was the center of my world for 14 wonderful years, and after he passed away just 10 days after his diagnosis, I wasn't able to function. We created a non-profit in Max's honor to help save other loved pets in a health crisis when their families didn't have enough money to afford treatment. Saving other dogs in Max's and Chestnut's memories has been incredibly rewarding. After 6 years,Maxs Helping Paws has given away more than $1M and helped more than 1700 pets receive treatment.

An Unexpected Path

Life took an unexpected turn in 2022 when Jonathan - after taking an extended break with the hopes that his body could recover from all those years of putting his job above his health - was forced to end his career prematurely due to a degenerative genetic connective tissue disorder.  Both our senior dogs also passed away within days of one another. In the face of a "new normal", as now a single-income home, I turned to my entrepreneurial experience, my love of creative design and most of all my passion for pups to create Pup Culture Designs. I hope you like it.
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