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  • DOG MAMA Design: Featuring bold, striking white-on-black text, this mug proudly celebrates the undying love of being a "DOG MAMA." It is a perfect conversation starter for fellow dog enthusiasts.
  • Superb Sublimation Quality: Made using cutting-edge sublimation printing, the design ensures vibrant, long-lasting colors, preserving its allure even after numerous uses and washes.
  • 15 oz Ceramic Capacity: Ideal for sipping your favorite beverages, this 15 oz mug offers a generous size, allowing you to enjoy ample amounts of coffee, tea, or any drink of your choice.
  • Glossy Finish: The sleek, glossy exterior adds a touch of elegance to your drinkware collection while providing a smooth and comfortable grip.
  • Unique Gift for Dog Lovers: Whether for yourself or a fellow "DOG MAMA," this mug is an ideal present. Its unique design and quality make it a thoughtful and practical gift that stands out.

This unique White-on-Black Accent Mug is not just a mug; it expresses love for your furry friends. Elevate your drinking experience with this exclusive ceramic mug, the perfect companion for your favorite beverages and an embodiment of the proud title, 'DOG MAMA.'

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Microwave and Dishwasher Safe

DOG MAMA White-on-Black 15 oz Ceramic Mug

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Microwave and Dishwasher Safe

DOG MAMA White-on-Black 15 oz Ceramic Mug
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